The difference that it makes to simply be with someone is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give.

This journey of enlightenment, of healing, of coming back to our deepest inner truth, is one that we CANNOT do alone. At this point in my life I firmly believe this is true. We NEED the people around us, perhaps more than ever.

Beyond simply needing them, we need a particular something from them – for them to truly be with us. We need their presence. It’s the place where I cease to project my experience onto you. My fear, pain, and trauma cease to fill up the space between us. I stop unconsciously expecting you to meet MY needs before I meet yours.

I stop making meaning out of anything you say or do and I simply exist with you from a place of stillness, intuition, and instinct.

The miracles that happen when we spend this kind of time with someone cannot be understated.

In this place something profound and magical happens.

I become a mirror. I become a holding space for the deeper truths of your experience. I become a space where all of the formerly hidden nuances of your experience have light cast upon them and come forward into your awareness.

The background tone of your life, the refrigerator hum that you never noticed – until you got still enough to listen – becomes audible and apparent.

When we’re given the blessing of presence from another we can, for the first time perhaps, truly witness the fear, pain, grief, and trauma that have been running our lives. The elements of our experience that, while obscured, have been sandstone in the foundation that everything has been built upon: Our most cherished relationships. Our businesses. Our communities. Our lives.

It’s never comfortable to look at this stuff – to feel it. These are the elements of our experience that we block and numb out through the multitude of addictions available to us: work, food, substances, exercise, or our own thinking minds.

Or even, if we are not deeply honest with ourselves, the very things we’ve sought out to heal ourselves can become the things that keep our hearts closed. They can become addictions too – methods to bypass our own deeper felt experience and the experiences of those around us: religion and spirituality, meditation, yoga, personal development courses, or therapy.

This work of emotional/energetic integrity and honesty is not comfortable, but it is always profound. It the most powerful healing work that I have ever experienced.

It is not just about you or I either. It reaches far beyond.

It impacts not just the living world around us, but our children unborn – and their children, and their children. It ripples backward and heals those who came before us – our parents, grandparents, and those who came before them.

It impacts seven generations beyond and seven generations behind.

In this way we touch the hearts and souls of the men and women of our lineage, whether living or not.

Magic happens when we do this work.

Change happens without trying to change. Relationships heal without trying to heal them. Money flows without trying to make it flow. Connection to God happens without needing to pray.

Peace and stillness become the foundation that our lives begin to be lived and created from.