These are some of the projects I’ve created over the years. I invite you to dig in and explore! 

RECLAIMING MALE ROLE MODELS is a podcast that explores masculinity through the lens of our male role models: Who were they? How did they impact us? And how do we pass that legacy on?

I recorded most of these episodes while traveling by car around the US on a 6 month road trip in 2014.

Learn more about Reclaiming Male Role Models here

SEX THE PODCAST features honest conversations and explorations with sex experts AND the couple down the street who might not be famous in the media, but who are having amazing sex day in and day out.

I co-created this beautiful collection of conversations with Natalie Vartanian, who was at the time my girlfriend and business partner – we ran a relationship coaching practice for about two years together (and it was amazing!).

Listen to Sex the Podcast here


Imagine finely crafted folk songs. Then imagine Iron & Wine covering an MTV Party 2 Go compilation. That’s kind of like the Robert Schwenkler Experience.

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