What you resist persists.

Resist feeling fear… It persists.

Resist feeling grief… It persists.

Resist feeling angry… It persists.

Every emotion is a signal from our body that is intended to orient our thoughts and actions toward clarity and well-being.

We live in a culture that has taught us dysfunctional ways of relating to our emotional experience. We end up with a backlog of energy that manifests in increasingly complex and abstracted ways… Anxiety, depression, process addictions (work, making money, porn, your own thoughts, etc.), substance addictions, isolation, relationship struggles, lack of direction or purpose, etc.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The path forward is always very simple, but rarely easy.

Your body knows exactly what to do.

Surrender to the felt sense and the emotion – to your inner experience, and the path forward opens up.

The only question is committing the time, energy, and (sometimes) money to putting yourself in the right spaces. The ones that you feel safe and held, yet also challenged within. The ones that put you face to face with the deeper layers of your truth of your felt experience that you’ve been avoiding confronting. The ones that bring you to the deeper truth of Who You Are.

The ones that allow you to slough off the layers collected on top of your most God-like expression.

Because you are…

You are a God, that is.

Not the kind of God that’s better or higher up than everyone else… Not the kind who’s vanity depends on the worship of his subjects… Not the kind who gets wrathful, throws a tantrum, and destroys things every time he doesn’t get what he wants…

No, not that kind.

But the kind who knows in every cell of your being just how all-powerful of a creator you are.

Who knows that every thought, and every action or inaction of yours is made manifest in the physical world.

Who knows that you are fully worthy of being lavished ridiculous amounts of love, praise, and devotion.

Who knows that you have the capacity to lavish the same things back upon the world.

Who knows that your presence is an unstoppable force for healing and goodness. That by simply existing you make the world better.

Because you are and you do.

This reclamation is the type of work I do in my private practice with my clients. They are men and women with a diversity of backgrounds, careers, sexual orientations, races, life experiences, and life paths.

The thing that binds them all together is their devotion to the process of reclaiming the fullness of their inner experience. They’ve learned to turn it off at some point because it didn’t feel safe to be so open.

On some level, whether conscious or not, they sensed that they were ‘too much,’ and so they learned to make themselves smaller.

Know what I say to that?

I say “f*** that.” Because you are NOT too much.

Your full expression is more than good. It’s more than needed. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. It will change your life and the lives of *everyone* around you infinitely and irrevocably for the better.

I welcome it. I welcome you. I welcome the mess, the shame, the insecurity, as well as all of the joy and power that come along with them.

Your ONLY job is to open up to it all. To surrender to the deeper nature of who you are and what you’re on this earth for.

The path forward, the clarity, the action, they all emerge easefully and potently from this place of ‘emptiness’.

It’s here you become connected to something greater and more powerful than you could ever pretend to be on your own. It’s here that work becomes a joy. Struggle becomes ease. Conflict becomes intimacy. Life becomes full, rich, and exponential beyond your wildest dreams.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi