Have you ever realized that 6/7ths of the word ‘emotion’ is made up of ‘motion’?

No thing in nature is static, the notion of it defies the very essence of creation.

This is where we suffer.

When we resist and suppress the energetic and emotional movement inside of our bodies we resist (our) nature.

Attempting to control the motion of your physical and, emotional, and spiritual expression is equivalent to attempting to control the very nature of the universe.

It is equivalent to trying to control God.


It has never worked.

It never will work.

Give up the ghost.

Die to live.

The only truth is motion, movement, flow.

The only truth is the full range of emotional expression that your body was built for.

Resist (e)motion and your body/heart/soul will suffer a slow death.

Allow (e)motion and you will experience a life as unimaginable as the cosmos themselves.